Steroids (fanpost call)

People such as Sammy Sosa Bonds, and Clemens have been kept out of the HOF for steroid usage. I think thats fair, but we need to look at it from a better angle.

For Sosa and Clemens, the reason I would put them in is because there isn’t indisputable evidence if and when they used steroids, thats self explainatory. Now Bonds, thats a different story. He used steriods from 1998 till later, we’ll say 2003 because he would have stopped when investigations started. He played an amazing 21 years. Not including his last 3 years or his first 4, he averaged well over 35 homers even in seasons without steriods, hOF status. He also never had worse than a 280 batting average. He even did pretty well in those last 3 years outside of 2005 when he was injured. he had issues with staying on the field all of those 3 seasons.

In general, however, I dont think there are many. They let faaaaarrrr too many people into the HOF, and its not just baseball. Thanks for reading and please comment! BOMBA SQUAD