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Fanpost Call: What promotions should the Twins do at Target Field this season?

and the responses to last week’s question

Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles

Last week’s FanPost question was as follows:

Who you think deserves to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame, but isn’t. Write up a FanPost letting us know who it is, and why they should be/have been inducted.

Several of you answered the call with thoughtful answers.

Thanks again for your responses!

This week, the question might be a little more off-the-wall, so have some fun with it. What promotion(s) would you like to see the Twins do at the ballpark this season? Your response can be as serious or as goofy as you’d like it to be.

Give us a compelling answer to the question above, in the form of a FanPost. That part is pretty easy to do. Click the “FanPost” button on the banner, then click “new FanPost” on the top left-hand side of the page, and you’ll be able to write out an answer!

I’ll round up the best responses in another post next week. As usual, if your post is especially good, it just might end up on the front page on its own.