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An exclusive look at Josh Donaldson’s internet search history

Behind the thought process of a star free agent

MLB: NLDS-St. Louis Cardinals at Atlanta Braves Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

While Josh Donaldson is still debating between multiple offers greater than $100 million, the Twins are pessimistic about their chances of signing the free agent third baseman. Here at Twinkie Town, we were able to get an Elite Hacker* to find us his Google search history, in order to give us a little more insight into his thought process.

  • Atlanta real estate
  • Zillow in Atlanta
  • best schools in Atlanta
  • Talking Chop
  • investment advisers in Atlanta
  • what is hot dish
  • how to block phone number
  • Thad Levine phone number
  • how to block Thad Levine
  • Atlanta weather forecast
  • what is a Caseys
  • best free agent
  • Josh Donaldson best free agent
  • what is Twins Mascot
  • Blooper better than TC
  • why do Twins fans like Purple Rain
  • What does ope mean
  • why is Minnesota so cold
  • how do you drive on ice
  • how do you drive in snow
  • who is Nick Punto

*yeah, not really. This is just all stuff I made up.