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Discussion Post: Which Current Twin would make the best football player?

No, Joe Mauer is not a “current Twin”

Photo by Jeff Wheeler/Star Tribune via Getty Images

Coming off the heels of the exciting Minnesota Vikings playoff win on Sunday, this thought crept into my head: Byron Buxton would make an excellent wide receiver.

In the absence of any actual Twins news to write about [at 11:23 AM on Monday, January 6th], let’s expand on this idea and have a discussion!

Which Current Twins Player would make the best football player? What position would they play? Why would they be good?

I’ll kick it off (pun intended) with my thoughts: although I do believe Buxton would make an excellent receiver, there are definitely durability concerns with him. Kohl Stewart would have been a sneaky pick if he was still on the team, as he was a star football player in high school. My answer here is going to be Jorge Polanco. I think Jorge’s agility and strength would play well at the Cornerback position. He would maybe need to put on a little weight to be effective here, but he wouldn’t be too undersized.

What do you think? Who is your pick?