Let the debate Rage

Years back, the Twins released/traded ( hey it's been a long time) Junior Ortiz. A decision that haunted the twins darkest dreams for a long long time. Fast Forward. Enter Sano. Be a cold day in hell we make that mistake again. Well, that feared mistake, struck out 4 times in a game we needed. A couple of times, we didn't need him to go Yard.just any form of contact. Not to be. Was not just the playoff game this has happened. Was it all his fault? No, every batter had their chances. But to live and die on his Bomba is a risky way to be. Home run to strike out ratio is way off kilter. If a solid .300 hitter the answer? Because anymore, when Sano comes to the plate, I don't get excited over the chance of a Bomba. Rather I start looking at the next batter, plus one more strike out.