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Post Playoff Depression Morning Minnesota

This is a link dump.

American League Wild Card Game 2: Houston Astros v. Minnesota Twins Photo by Jordan Johnson/MLB Photos via Getty Images

I’ve woken up from my post-postseason elimination anger coma to bring you some link so make your day bet- ah, they’re all gonna be depressing aren’t they? Yeah. Yep. There isn’t anything uplifting to link. If you are still grump about it, maybe skip this one. It isn’t gonna brighten your day, but only remind you of the lifelong curse put upon your for being born into the miserable hellscape of Minnesota.

Previously on Twinkie Town:

Elsewhere in Depression Territory:

  • Oh, also bye Trevor May probably.
  • :(
  • Here, remember the good ol’ days.

Around the World in Bases and Balls:

  • Go Padres. That is all.

Today’s soundtrack is Yoshi’s Island, a place where your main trouble is a turtle on a broom makin’ random shit BIG. No one has to worry about their baseball team losing every everything forever.