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It must have been the lack of fans

Wild Card Round - Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins - Game Two Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

In Sum, Life Isn’t Fair.

Let’s imagine that 2020 was happening in a vacuum. We should, given how much it mostly sucked. What, if anything can we take away from it all? Only one thing comes to mind for which I think the evidence is clear, the Twins have the best fans in all of baseball.

Let me provide a tortured explanation. I appreciate your time in advance, as so much of what we have experienced has been torture, I’m not looking to pile on your already miserable offense intended.

But enough about you, I’m still not completely over losing to the Astros in two quick home games. I’ve been trying to rationalize it, using all the logic that so many have provided: injuries, poor decisions, lack of timely hitting, fielding mishaps at the worst possible time....all of it. I mean, it was a quick two games, anything is possible in two games...but all of that said, I’ve been trying to point to something that would make me feel better about it. I may have found it. It’s possible I only found it because I was looking in all of the wrong places, but nevertheless, I found it.

One doesn’t have to have moved around (though I have a bit in my lifetime) to know that every team shares the annoying tendency to believe (or at least say…I mean they even say it in Philadelphia) that their fans are the “best fans.” As the rest of us know, those people are wrong. As with anything, only one can truly be the best. The others just pretend to be.

It is, of course, difficult to support the proposition that Twins fans are the best with analytics or anything resembling actual evidence. There is the occasional anecdote, which, of course, given that it’s an occasional anecdote, has almost zero value as actual evidence. So, we’re left with only our vivid imaginations and what we see combined with what we “feel.”

My feelings, important as I’m sure they are to those of you reading this, really don’t offer much in terms of proof. Here’s what is proof: When the Twins won those World Series championships in 1987 and 1991, as we’re all acutely aware, they won all four home games and lost all three road games. This piece of evidence supports the proposition that the home crowd (maybe the stadium, but no need to go down that road again) made all the difference in the series. The Twins collectively hit better, pitched better, and played better at home in front of their adoring fans.

This year, instead of adoring fans, they were relegated to playing in front of cardboard cutouts. Some of those cutouts were adorable, as has been written about on this site, and others, but somehow, it just wasn’t the same. Every field was basically a neutral site. The love and adoration of the fans was neutralized and a team that would’ve been mercilessly hated (like the Astros first and foremost) got to play without the psychological pain that may have been inflicted by opposing fans. Psychological pain is a real thing that adversely affects people in a negative way…again, refer to 2020.

Drawing the Astros in the first round in which Target Field was basically just like any other stadium, completely neutralized any home-field advantage we might have had. Since I won’t let facts stand in the way of this particular rant, I shall not address the Twins’ phenomenal home record this year, I’ll just assume that emotion mattered less in the regular season.

The Twins fans are clearly the best in baseball, because the quick two game exit proves it. Without the fans, the Twins had no emotion to ride in the playoffs, and Minnesotans, as stoic as we all are, need that emotion once every several decades when one of our teams makes a run. Not having fans was difficult for everyone, but since the Twins fans are the best, far better than all the others, it was even more difficult for us.


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