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Monday Morning Minnesota: Representation matters edition

My thoughts on Kim Ng, and also a whole mess of links!

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Breakthrough Series - Compton Photo by Juan Ocampo/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Previously on Twinkle Town:

Elsewhere in Twins Territory:

  • Some modern Twins greats are going to be on (and probably off) the Hall of Fame Ballot this year! While they aren’t HoFers, it is fun excuse to take a trip down memory lane.
  • The Twins are pursuing a reunion with Jake Odorizzi. Is it technically a reunion if he never finishes leaving to another team?

Around the World in Bases and Balls:

Monday Morning Miniature Piece: Why Representation Matters

The recent hire of Kim Ng as the new GM of the Marlins is a huge moment in baseball and sports. Similar to last year’s hiring of Alyssa Nakken as the first woman to be a full time on field coach, the news of Kim Ng’s breaking of the front office gender barrier had me emotional.

I immediately wanted to write about, but realized I had nothing grand to say, and dozens of more talented women have already written better pieces than I ever could, but I wanted to also give a few quick thoughts on my representation matters. It might be hard for those of you who are white dudes to understand just how big these things can be.

The highest tier of MLB front offices is so extremely homogenous that when the Twins hired Derek Falvey it almost felt like a diversity hire due to him being a YOUNG white dude rather than another old white dude.

When I was born in ye olde 1990, women already had the right to vote. They already were in the workplace. You could be forgiven for thinking things were already equal, but in many cases what was once overt was simply now covert.

I discovered a love of baseball early through my parents and my brother, and thanks to being a huge loser with zero friends, through video games I came to like in-game and roster decision making.

No one ever told me I shouldn’t pursue making these passions into a career. I wasn’t put into a box by overt discrimination or conservative parenting. Instead the idea simply never even crossed my mind. Sure I would have loved to work in baseball, but the world covertly told me that wasn’t for me. I didn’t see anyone like me in the business. Nothing triggered the idea that Baseball was even an option for me. Hell, It wasn’t until I discovered former blogboss Myjah’s writing that I even realized women could be taken seriously as sports bloggers.

With women like Ng and Nakken front and center, new generations of baseball loving girls will have that representation in a sport that often seems hostile to them. They’ll have the seed planted that baseball is for everyone. That they too can pursue it as a career.

Representation is extremely valuable.


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