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Cuddyer “Shoo-In” on Hall of Fame Ballot

but not the MLB one

Arizona Diamondbacks v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The International Association of Magicians World, Regional, Or National Guilds has announced its 2021 Hall of Fame class, and the ballot is headlined by former Twin Michael Cuddyer.

Cuddyer, 41, played 15 major league baseball seasons for the Minnesota Twins, Colorado Rockies, and New York Mets. He was drafted by the Twins in 1997, and broke into the majors in 2001, playing several positions before becoming a regular in right field. Cuddyer was a two-time MLB All-Star, a Silver Slugger award winner, and a National League batting champion. His career statistics include a total bWAR of 17.8, a line of .277/.344/.461, and a total of 197 home runs.

What he is more known for, however, was his talent in keeping clubhouses loose and fun through the use of “magic tricks,” although the International Association of Magicians World Regional, Or National Guilds prefers the term “illusions.”

Cuddyer’s specialty involved card illusions, as seen below

Cuddyer was elected to the Twins Hall of Fame in 2017, and is concurrently on the ballot for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. He currently works with the Twins as a Special Assistant. He has reportedly been doing card illusions since he was 11 years old.

Interational Association of Magicians World, Regional, Or National Guilds spokesman Marvolo the Mysterious said “Michael Cuddyer is sure to be a first-ballot selection to our Hall of Fame. His lifelong commitment to the art of illusion is exemplary, and he has continued to bring our lifestyle into the mainstream, and inspire people of all walks of life with his talents.”

Here at Twinkie Town, we wish Michael all the best with both ballots, although he seems to have a much better chance on one than the other.