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You wish 2020 would end, but I say it never even happened

MLB: Houston Astros at Minnesota Twins Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The weeks since the election have made me consider things in a light that prior to 2020, I would never have even considered. So, it’s in that spirit that I encourage you to contemplate what your life might be like, if you just chose to ignore things that hurt you, like losses, playoff losses in particular.

Here goes: I’ve decided not to accept the outcome of this year’s season. Houston was a fraud, we all know that. They should have been punished, they weren’t. As far as I’m concerned, they simply didn’t exist. The outcome of our two games with them in early October, is not only in dispute in my mind, I stand by my newly considered assertion that we should simply not consider our loss, to be a loss at all.

Hundreds, if not thousands of at-bats over the past few years, were stolen. Therefore, after careful consideration, Houston simply didn’t count this year, I’m throwing them out. Am I disenfranchising the franchise…yes, as a matter of a fact, yes I am. Games lost to Houston must be thrown out, justice demands it.

But it’s not just Houston that is in doubt, other places were teaming with fraud as well. This brings me to the White Sox. The White Sox are bringing back Tony LaRussa for God’s sakes. There is so very much wrong with bringing back Tony LaRussa, that it almost goes without saying that disenfranchising this particular franchise should absolutely bridge any political, social, economic, cultural, or even front tooth gaps that any of us may have. LaRussa recently did the “don’t you know who I am” thing when stopped for drunken driving. That single thing in itself, should disqualify any White Sox games from counting, not just this past year, but maybe, ever. If that’s not disqualifying, then what is? White Sox done. Disenfranchised. None of it happened. Games lost to Chicago must be excised from the record book, justice again, demands it.

On to the Indians….Ok, where do we even start? Many of you have already re-named them the Spiders or the Cleveland Baseball Team, or something other than the politically charged historical nickname that they’ve always used. They’re done. Frankly, given what we’re seeing from their front office this off-season, they, themselves, don’t even care any longer. Perhaps they should be the “lame ducks.” A team that once mattered, but who are now just a mostly powerless, mostly distant memory. “Progressive Field” with a regressive team name and just far, far too many inherent contradictions to even warrant our thoughts. As far as I’m concerned, they never happened. Disenfranchised. Done. The only justice Cleveland ever had, was named David.

The Yankees. Done. No good reasons, I’m just sick of them. Disenfranchised.

The Mets. Cano is a cheater. Their owners thought Bernie Madoff would make them a fortune. They deserve what they’ve gotten. Done. Disenfranchised. I would like the Twins to make a move for a Mets pitcher or two, which will be made more difficult by my belief that they don’t even exist, but my many existential crises, don’t have to be everyone’s existential crises. Falvey and Levine don’t have to buy into this nonsense.

I could go on and on, the Marlins…please. The Giants? If it weren’t for Taylor Rogers brother would we even know if they played this year?

In sum, I’ve decided not to accept the results of the 2020 season. One might say I’ve “elected” to not be “popular” and just go along with the masses because the masses think they’ve spoken. I will not be a sheep who simply accepts facts know....they’re facts.

If a season falls in a forest but nobody believes it happened, does it make a sound? I don’t think so. It never happened. I look forward to 2021, a season in which Byron Buxton will be fresh and ready to go, and Nelson Cruz will be back, re-signed and re-energized, given the “fact” that they didn’t need to waste any of their respective youths on 2020. You think Kepler had a bad year? I say it never happened. Garver wasn’t himself? Garver who?

Feel free to comment if you’d like, I may choose to take anything, no matter how biting, how stinging, how enraging…simply as a compliment. I have chosen to make baseball great again, and doing so, largely requires our collective acceptance that most of what you saw in 2020, was just your imagination. It’s nothing of which to be ashamed, it simply is what it is. One man’s reality is another man’s insanity. Trade Buxton, don’t trade him. Sign Cruz, don’t sign him. After what I’ve recently seen, I may only need my vivid imagination to lead me toward the result I have already chosen.

Be well everyone, as for me, I’m not worried about my own break with sanity, if this gets published, I have every intention of denying I even wrote it.