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Rival Roundup, Vol. 4: Gord Glove Awards

News and notes from around the league - mostly about coaches and defense.

Detroit Tigers v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Welcome back to another rip-roaring Rival Roundup, where the rip get ripper, and when the roaring gets rough, the rough rip-roaring.

Roundup Record

Cleveland Spiders

  • It was a big year for individual performances in Cleveland. Jose Ramirez is in the MVP conversation, having been named a finalist this week. Meanwhile, Shane Bieber will almost certainly be taking home the Cy Young Award after a brilliant season in which the Twins handed him his only recorded loss.
  • Catcher Roberto Perez and second baseman Cesar Hernandez each took home Gold Gloves this week.

Chicago White Sox

  • Poor old Rick Renteria is out of a job, but if he’s interested in interviewing around the league, he can at least go into the office as the potential Manager of the Year.
  • Worth noting as well is outfielder Luis Robert’s candidacy for the American League Rookie of the Year, following a Gold Glove win in center this week.
  • Jose Abreu is a finalist for AL MVP in his seventh year with the team. Despite negligible defensive value, Abreu slashed .317/.370/.617 - some of his best marks since his rookie season - and slugged 19 homers, coming up with 2.6 WAR in a shortened season (during which he played all 60 of Chicago’s games.)
  • Abreu, Eloy Jimenez, and Tim Anderson each nabbed Silver Sluggers as part of the awards dump. Anderson is the only shortstop not named Alexei to have won this honor as a member of the White Sox franchise.
  • Speaking of Anderson, he indicated this week that he’s still waiting for new manager Tony La Russa to drop him a line. Do with that what you will.
  • The Sox are on the hunt for a pitching coach for the first time in a loooong while. One name tabbed includes San Fran assistant coach Ethan Katz, who goes with Lucas Giolito all the way back to high school.

Kansas City Royals

  • In the wake of his retirement announcement, Alex Gordon has gone out on top, winning the Platinum Glove in left (his second) to go along with his 8th Gold Glove Award.
  • A Royal staple for nearly 15 years, Gordon ends his career with over 1,600 hits, almost 200 homers, a host of defensive accolades, three All-Star appearances, a pair of pennants, and a 2015 World Series ring. He never played a game in anything other than Royal blue, and it’s a right shame he didn’t get a proper send-off with fans. Goodness knows the Royals will get him back in front of the home crowd as soon as they can.

Detroit Tigers

  • Michigander alert! Rick Anderson’s replacement will be Mr. Chris Fetter, who is from that Wes Johnson class of up-and-coming collegiate coaches picked off by major-league teams. Fetter found himself on some radars after taking Michigan to the College World Series final, and was rumored to be a candidate for the Chicago job, as well.
  • The rest of the Detroit coaching staff is filling in, as well:
  • You may remember Lombard as having been a candidate for manager in the first place. Coolbaugh was previously the assistant hitting coach for Rick Renteria’s White Sox; Chip Hale had served in various capacities for the Washington Nationals.

Bye for now!