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Gabbing w/ Gamble: How do you feel about the Saints move?

How does the Twins’ new partnership sit with you?

Photo by Marlin Levison/Star Tribune via Getty Images

Welcome back to another Friday discussion! Hopefully you’ve had a good week as we grind out the last few before the holidays get started, but even if you didn’t, it’s the weekend. My question for you is this: How do you feel about the Saints’ move from the American Association to being the Twins’ AAA affiliate?

For myself, and some others here at Twinkie Town, I know that the move is bittersweet. On one hand, it’ll be very cool to be able to go see the kids down on the farm just a short trip from Target Field. However, the American Association is one of the best independent leagues out there, and losing a cornerstone franchise is a tough blow.

The Saints franchise has epitomized the charm of Indy Ball for many years now. Owned by eccentric figures like Mike Veeck and Bill Murray, Saints games are as fun of an experience as can be had at a ballpark. Their brand of showmanship flourished in an independent setting, and provided a fun and affordable alternative to the Twins for many baseball fans in the Twin Cities.

There has been some good news coming from the Saints, re: their brand of baseball. The team has been active on Twitter the past couple of days, promoting and addressing the change in leagues. And to the relief of many, it sounds like the Saints won’t be changing the ballpark experience too much.

So it sounds like the Saints will continue to be an affordable and entertaining alternative to the Twins, just with the added bonus that you’ll be watching the Twins of the future on your trips to CHS Field. Oh, and there’s this (which should be great fun):

All in all, I think I’m excited for the change. It’s a very cool opportunity for Twins fans to be able to see the future stars of the big league team, right in their backyard. For a more complete analysis of what this means for the American Association, check out this post from Sandwiches.

So what’s your take? Are you excited, apprehensive, or upset about the Saints’ move to AAA ball for the Twins? Let us know in the comments! And finally, isn’t this image wonderful?


How do you feel about the Saints’ move to being the Twins’ AAA affiliate?

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