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The Cleveland Whats?

After 105 years, a rival is changing a mascot

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In 1915, folks had different sensibilities, and sometimes holdovers from that era should be updated for our modern times. One of those things is the name of the Cleveland baseball organization. In fact, over the last couple years, most of us on this site have shifted to calling them the “Spiders” or just using the name of the city.

It looks like the powers that be in the Mistake-on-the-Lake have come to the same conclusion.

Even more exciting, we could know their new name and mascot by the next time Brandon brings you a rival roundup (those happen on Sunday mornings, by the way.) Here is a bit more context from our friends at Lets Go Tribe (do they get a name change too now?)

The historical names of “Spiders” and (less seriously) “Naps” have been tossed around by fans. Another name that draws a lot of conversation due to the presence of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the “Cleveland Rocks,” although this one is likely a non-starter due to the similarity to the Colorado Rockies. One thing we probably don’t want them to do is pull a Dan Snyder and become the “Cleveland Baseball Club.” One name they probably won’t take is the “River Fire” but that would instantly be the coolest mascot in Major League Baseball. Twitter was also almost instantly chock-full of dumb jokes about the new name for the Cleveland baseball team.

Do you have any suggestions for what our rival should go by? Should they keep the Block C logo and the script, or start clean?