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Monday Morning Minnesota: Better names for Cleveland edition

and the thrilling effects of Schrödinger’s Universal DH.

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Forest City Base Ball Club of Cleveland 1870

Welcome to yet another edition of the intergalactically beloved MonMorMin. I, as I seem to always be these days, am writing this at the very last second due to a having no internet all weekend type situation. Prepare you brain hole because I’m gonna be rapid firing untested links and low effort jokes straight into your cell matter.

Previously on Twinkie Town:

Elsewhere in Twins Territory:

  • The Twin and Sir Nelson Cruz continue their stare down. Some dummies thought maybe things might move along now that Rob Manfred released a memo telling teams to proceed as if the NL will NOT have the DH next year (thus cutting Cruz’s potential suitors in half.) However, like most things Ol’ Rob Man does, everyone immediately acts as if his words are bullshit.

Around the World in Bases and Balls:

Today’s Soundtrack is my favorite piece from my favorite childhood game, which I almost beat in one sitting due to no internet instead of working on writing like I should have! Yay!