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Monday Morning Minnesota: Rumors, rumors everywhere edition

So many rumors.

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Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

Previously on Twinkie Town:

Elsewhere in Twins Territory:

  • Oh my god look out, emerging from the sea like a damned kaiju is a bunch of tweets about rumors that will 9/10 times end up being ultimately meaningless!!!!!!!!!!
  • Along with interest in Kiké Hernández to replace the departing Marwin/Ehire duo, and the announcement of the seemingly obligatory yearly interest in Soria, Rumor Master Darren Wolfson’s SKOR North podcast also has such tidbits as Minnesota showing interest in Corey Kluber, having had interest in Mike Minor but not nearly enough to beat the hefty deal the Royals offered him (Damn rich Royals, I thought we ENDED monarchy?!) which is probably for the best. They also seem to be pursuing Jake Odorizzi who would prefer to remain a Twin, however other suitors are apparently going after Ol’ Odo much harder than the Twins are.
  • It may sound primitive and unscientific, but through the fairies, we could ask Mothra to help us sign free agents.
  • Meanwhile Thad Levine dropped out of the running for the Phillies’ GM job, preferring Minnesota (d’awwww <3) to Philadelphia.

Around the World in Bases and Balls:

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