Marwin Gonzalez apologizes for role in Houston Astros scandal


Current Minnesota Twins utility man Marwin Gonzalez confronted the media today to apologize and issue a statement about his participation in the Houston Astros' illegal sign-stealing scandal, dating back to 2017. Bob Nightengale tweeted a quote from Gonzalez during the press conference, stating he "feels regret and am remorseful". Gonzalez is the first position player from the Astros to speak out about the scandal. Pitchers from those Houston teams have spoken out, but position players have not made any statements until Gonzalez did today.

Although Manfred's rulings have been made, more information has surfaced about the scandal. Additionally, a pitcher that faced one of the Astros teams has started a legal case against the franchise as it ended his MLB career.

Do-Hyoung Park also sent out a tweet with some video, with Gonzalez stating: "I’m remorseful for everything that happened in 2017, for everything that we did as a group, and for the players that were affected directly by us doing this … That’s why I feel more regret and that’s why I’m remorseful."

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