Living and Working amid dishonesty.

I'm pretty hard on players who as individuals do things to put themselves ahead. For instance, steroid use to further your own career while it diminishes the accomplishments of others. I'm extremely skeptical that even in this world players are foolish enough to accidentaly take some "supplement" from "some guy".

But the Astros situation and Marwin Gonzale's role in it is a little less black and white. It does not appear that he was a ringleader in this cheating, or even that he benefitted that directly. Although of course the team's success increased his market value.

No, this is more like working at a place where you know the accountant is skimming off the books, the boss is having an affair, and just maybe there's some mob involvement somewhere. By knowing and not speaking out you are complicit. But don't underestimate the courage required to go against your team. You could end up a pariah just as easily as a hero.

I think a better approach would be to have said: "There was a lot going on in Houston. Things that made me uncomfortable and that I should not have ignored. I think the punishments handed down were appropriate and if the Commissioner wants to take it further and fine former members of the team I would support that. I'm in a different organization now, one that prides itself in honesty. I won't let them or you down no matter what form of cheating clever people and advancing technology can create."