Marwin and the Astros: A bigger baseball problem

I was not a big fan of Marwin during the 2019 season. I didn't dislike him, but it only took several games to show me he was not as good as advertised. He had below average pitch recognition, being especially susceptible to breaking balls down and in. Until a few months ago, I was puzzled as to how he put up the numbers he did in the 2017 season.

Marwin perhaps benefited the most from the sign-stealing. His WAR of 4.5 in 2017 is more than double any other year in his career. That season allowed him to land the contract he has with the Twins, also the biggest of his career. I have to say, although he has my respect for being the only player so far to apologize, I honestly wish he weren't on the Twins. I think what the league has done in regards to this scandal is insultingly minimal, and it is an indication of a bigger issue.

I'm only speculating now, but I believe there is a lot more happening under the table than we hear about; the Astros were the only ones that got caught. Beltran, who allegedly orchestrated the entire ordeal, reported stated upon signing with the Astros that they were "behind the times". Is it reasonable to believe that he came up with this grand scheme on his own, or could he have been influenced by his former organization? I find it hard to believe that the 2017 Astros were the only perpetrators, and suddenly stopped after winning the Series. To me, the most logical explanation for the commissioner's lame report, and the league's minimal punishment, is that rule bending and borderline cheating is deeply ingrained in modern baseball and comparatively, what the Astros did was not that bad. If MLB wants to fix their attendance problem, rooting out everything that compromises the game would be a good start.