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MLB Network puts six Twins among top 100 players

Sano, Garver, Polanco, Kepler, Cruz and Donaldson

Divisional Series - Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees - Game Two Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

MLB Network has released it’s annual “Top 100 Right Now” for the upcoming 2020 season. In 2019 the Twins only had one player make the list, and it was Nelson Cruz who they added in free agency. This year the list is filled with Twins and by filled I mean 6% of the list. That is actually a lot compared to the rest of the league, which I will show later.

Here is where each Twins player was listed:

90: Miguel Sano, 1B (2019 rank: N/R)

89: Mitch Garver, C (2019 rank: N/R)

88: Jorge Polanco, SS (2019 rank: N/R)

72: Max Kepler, OF (2019 rank: N/R)

51: Nelson Cruz, DH (2019 rank: 74)

26: Josh Donaldson, 3B (2019 rank: 61)

The league seems to be taking notice that the Twins have the deepest lineup in baseball with six of their starters in the top 100 players. I would even argue Buxton should make this list because of his production when healthy.

Here is what I think of each players placement:

Miguel Sano: If you would have told me last off season, when Miguel Sano was dealing with weight problems and a heel injury, that he would be in the top 100 players I would have said “I don’t believe you, but I’m not too surprised.” The potential has always been there and I expect him to take another step forward.

Mitch Garver: This is an even more extreme case of an excellent one year jump from Mitch Garver. He quickly emerged as one of the best catchers in the game offensively and even his defense improved a lot. I would expect around 100 games from Garver in 2020 with more elite production with the bat.

Jorge Polanco: Polanco is coming off a season where he was the starting shortstop for the American League in the All Star Game. He has his issues defensively, but there is no doubt he can hit and he will once again add stability to the top of the Twins order.

Max Kepler: I was actually disappointed when I saw Max’s placement. I think he is pushing for the top 50 and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the top 25 before next season. He broke out last season but I expect another breakout to occur this season as he will quietly become the face of the franchise for years to come.

Nelson Cruz: Of course the 40 year old designated hitter is pushing for the top 50 players in baseball. This man simply does not age. Naps are the key and we should all be learning from his strategy. He will once again be in a season where everyone will talk about how he has to get worse because he is old so it’ll be interesting to see his production in 2020.

Josh Donaldson: Remember when the Twins signed Donaldson to the largest contract in franchise history? That was fun. Now we get to watch him play in Minnesota for the next four years and MLB Network has him as a top 30 player in all of baseball. He will slide into the middle of a stacked lineup and somehow make it so much better.

Here are a couple facts about the list that I tweeted out about the list:

Byron Buxton was absolutely robbed and that is a hill I will die on.

What did you think of the rankings for the Twins players? Any too high? Too low? Anyone left off like Berrios or Buxton? Leave your comments below!