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FanPost Call: Your favorite baseball stadiums?

And last week’s answers!

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins Photo by Eric Miller/Getty Images

Last week I asked you all to weigh in on an issue that has only ballooned in the last few days. Given the state if the scandal today, I wonder if answers might have been a bit different. Anyway, last week’s question was:

What do you think about Marwin Gonzalez’ apology? Did it make you like him more, or less, or no change? How does it make you feel about him being on the Twins, and how do you feel about the 2017 Astros?

We had a couple of very thoughtful answers come out in reply:

M. Grasso looks at what it feels like to live and work among dishonesty, and suggests a more sincere approach that could have been taken towards apologizing.

Titus Decker thinks that Marwin and the Astros are actually indicative of a bigger problem with baseball.

This week’s question will hopefully be a little more light-hearted.

This week, tell us about your favorite baseball stadium, besides Field. We all know Target Field is the best, so whats next on your list? It can be another pro stadium, a minor league, or even an amateur venue. It can be because of the team that plays there, the design, the city, the food, or just a great memory you have. Be as creative as you want in answering the question.

Give us a compelling answer to the question above, in the form of a FanPost. That part is pretty easy to do. Click the “FanPost” button on the banner, then click “new FanPost” on the top left-hand side of the page, and you’ll be able to write out an answer!

I’ll round up the best responses in another post next week.