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Recapping the top-5 2020 Twins signings

What do the top five Twins free agents signings have to offer?

MLB: Minnesota Twins-Media Day Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Twins signed Josh Donaldson on a 4/$92 Million contract this off season. Obviously that was the biggest move, and set a franchise record for the contract. Donaldson isn’t the only new face in Minnesota this year, so lets take a look at the top signings that made this off season amazing. This list doesn’t even include Jake Odorizzi, and Michael Pineda, as they were re-signings, not new guys.

1.Josh Donaldson (4/$92Million)

Donaldson is a high-risk high-reward signing. He swings a great power bat that hits for 30-40 home runs a year, and could still play if he turns into a 1st baseman/DH in the future. On the other hand, you could get a old guy who hits .190 and gets paid $20 million a year. He’s projected to hit .262 and with 36 home runs, Josh Donaldson should help the Twins make a run for the World Series. Overall I love the signing. Twins went and got their guy.

2.Homer Bailey (1/$7Million)

This seems like a safe one-year deal that can’t hurt the Twins. The Twins needed starting pitching, so they went and got some. Considered with the Rich Hill signing and the Kenta Maeda trade, I think this is a good signing. Bailey has a 4.36 projected ERA and a 1.27 WHIP. If Wes Johnson can help him just get to the level Martin Perez got to last year, I think he should be fun to watch as he progresses through out the season.

3.Alex Avila (1/$4Million)

With one of the off season needs being a back up catcher, the Twins got a decent one. It should be fun to watch him and Mitch Garver. As a career .235 hitter, don’t expect to much from him at the plate. He’s only projected .212 and 10 home runs, but his value is nearly-all defensive anyway. Fun fact—he is the son of the Tigers GM Al Avila. Not really much that you can write about on this guy, but he still should be fun to watch.

4.Rich Hill (1/$3Million)

Hill has had major injury problems in his career, including 2019. Expect him to be ready in mid-June. When he isn’t injured, he has a career 3.82 ERA, and over 1,000 strikeouts. Its sad to see his career limited because of injuries. He is projected for a 3.99 ERA and a 1.29 WHIP. He’s a possible 4th or 5th starter for the Twins when healthy, and would be higher on a lot of teams. You could also see him used in the bullpen as a guy who eats up innings, if the rotation is clicking when he comes back. He has a lot of playoff experience, which is what this Twins team is lacking, as he has played in 13 postseason games with a 3.06 ERA. I would love to see him mentor some young Twins pitchers.

5.Tyler Clippard (1/$3Million)

Clippard is a 35 year old reliever with a 3.14 career ERA. He appears to be another safe signing, that boosts the bullpen. He has been on nine different teams in his career. He has accumulated 905 career strikeouts and 68 career saves. He had a 0.855 WHIP in 2019. For 2020 he is projected for a 3.92 ERA and a 1.18 WHIP. Most importantly, he should be a reliable bullpen arm that the Twins can go to deep in games. He is a two-time All-Star who’s entering his age-35 season with a good amount of playoff experience, which will also help the Twins in the long run.