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Maeda trade in jeopardy due to Graterol’s medical history

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MLB: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

The reported 3 team mega deal that will/would bring SP Kenta Maeda to the Twins, who would send flamethrower Brusdar Graterol to the Red Sox, has hit a snag. Per Ken Rosenthal over at the athletic, upon getting their hands on Graterol’s medical report, Boston has decided they want more.

It appears the Red Sox big smart brain guys somehow missed the part where the Twins were putting Graterol in the pen, likely due to concerns over his ability to be handle a starter’s workload, when doing their due diligence on the trade of their own once-in-a-lifetime talent, Mookie Betts.

As Cotillo mentions in the tweet above, it is likely the deal will be completed, we just don’t know the minutiae of it. It is unclear if the Twins and/or the Dodgers (who would technically be the team giving Boston Graterol, and have the most to lose if the deal goes south) will be the one/s to give up more players or cash dollars to make the deal happen.

Hopefully this makes you grumpy grouches who didn’t like giving up Graterol a little more comfortable with the win-now deal. Graterol still has a nice shot at a great future, but more and more it is looking like that future is in the bullpen.