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Watch game 163 tomorrow, during MLB “opening day” festivities.

Opening Day at Home will relive 30 classic games

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Let there be baseball!

Tomorrow was supposed to be opening day, until the coronavirus pandemic wiped it out. Fortunately, the famously stingy-with-their-media MLB has opened up the floodgates, in a bit of a silver lining. After recently announcing that all 2018 and 2019 games are available for re-watch, they have now announced “Opening Day at Home.” Across a variety of platforms, there will be 30 classic games replayed, with each team represented at least once.

For the Twins, the highlight game is the 2009 game 163, in which the division was won. All games are being streamed on MLB dot com, as well as one of the league’s social media channels. This game will also be available to watch via twitter on the MLB @lasmayores account.

Our friends from Bless You Boys don’t even like to admit that game happened. Apparently its not fun for Tigers fans. Its a hell of a fun game for us though. This is the game that gave us the 20-year old Rick Porcello meme, afterall.

Here is the full schedule, for those of you who want to watch as much as possible.

If you notice, there are lots of games for Spiders and Yankees fans, while the Twins are relegated to one of the most obscure channels and one game. Even in a crisis, the bias is strong. Other games of note are Justin Verlander’s 2007 no-hitter for the Tigers at 8am, and Mark Buehrle’s perfecto for the 2009 White Sox at 3pm.

We’ll have a “game thread” up tomorrow for those who choose to watch the game and comment along with us.