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The 2019 Twins won the most games wearing Road Blue uniforms

and lost the most wearing Home Whites.

Minnesota Twins v Boston Red Sox

Baseball player are superstitious. Some of them have been apocryphally known to not change their underwear during a winning streak—but what about their outerwear? Does the uniform the Twins wear impact their winning percentage by that much? Probably not, but there are vast differences in which uniforms saw the most wins and the most losses.

Here is the information from, turned into a convenient table for you.

Uniforms and wins, 2019 Twins

Uniform Wins Losses Win Percent
Uniform Wins Losses Win Percent
Home White 4 10 28.57%
Home Red 18 7 72.00%
Home Blue 20 15 57.14%
Away Grey 24 10 70.59%
Away Blue 30 14 68.18%
Holiday/Players weekend (combined) 6 6 50.00%

So, what do we see here? The Twins won the most games wearing their blue, alternate road uniforms, with a grand total of 30 wins. However, those uniforms actually ranked third by win percentage.

The road grey uniforms were only worn 34 times, in contrast to 44 ties for the road blues. Ironically, the alternate was worn more than the primary. The greys came in second for winning percentage, at just over 70%.

The team won the highest percentage of games when they wore the red uniforms. In those jerseys, the Twins won 18 of 25, for a total of 72%. I know a lot of you don’t like the red, but its my personal favorite of the 2019 uniforms. I’m going to take this as proof that I’m right, and you should all agree with me.

On the other hand, the home white uniforms must have had a jinx on them. The Twins only won wearing the white jerseys a bit over 28% of the time. Blue was also the most worn uniform color at home. Again, the “alternate” was worn more than the “primary” jersey. In the home version of the blue shirt, the Twins won 57% of the time. This blue one was the new one for 2019, which replaced the pinstripes, and placed a greater emphasis on Kasota Gold, for some stupid reason.

If we ever get a 2020 season, I can’t wait to see how the Twins play in the powder blue throwbacks!