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Game 163 watch thread

Join us to watch one of the best Twins victories ever

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

First Pitch: 10:15 am Central
TV (streaming:), @lasmayores Twitter
Know Thine Enemy: Bless You Boys

Today was supposed to be game one. Opening day. The exact opposite of game 163. We’ve been denied that, due to current world events. We have a consolation prize, however, in the form of MLB’s “Opening Day at Home.” If you missed the announcement yesterday, they will be showing a game for every team on mlb dot com, and on league social media. Each team gets an iconic victory, and for the Twins, that is the final, tie breaking game of the 2009 season. I think this was a great pick, as this is the biggest Twins victory since at least 1992. Or at least their biggest on the field, I’d say a certain court victory in 2001 was bigger, thank you Judge Harry Seymour Crump. Anyway, I havent watched this game in years, so will be enjoying it through some fresh eyes. Feel free to join us in the comments section discussing the action on the field, the number of time Chip Caray refers to Rick Porcello’s age, or whatever else.

Starting Lineups

Curtis Granderson CF
Placido Polanco 2B
Magglio Ordonez RF
Miguel Cabrera 1B
Carlos Guillen DH
Ryan Raburn LF
Brandon Inge 3B
Gerald Laird C
Ramon Santiago SS
Rick Porcello P

Denard Span CF
Orlando Cabrera SS
Joe Mauer C
Jason Kubel RF
Michael Cuddyer 1B
Delmon Young LF
Jose Morales DH
Matt Tolbert 3B
Nick Punto 2B
Scott Baker P

Get ready for a fun trip down memory lane, and GO TWINS GO!!!!!!