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Community Discussion: Which three Twins players would you want to be in quarantine with?

There’s thousands of options. Literally.

New temporary rule for a shortened 2020: all players must wear and show stirrups.
Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

You are watching your favorite television show at home. All of a sudden - BREAKING NEWS - the governor of your state has announced a stay-at-home/shelter-at-home/bunker-at-home/whatever-at-home effective this weekend. You and your family will be in quarantine for at least two weeks, most likely longer. Most of us have probably been in this situation already.

But what if... next your cell phone rings. It’s an unfamiliar number. You pick it up and say, “Hello??” (Or if you’re me, you just let it go to voicemail and ignore it forever... but just go along with this.) Dustin Morse, Director of Communications and Player Relations for the Minnesota Twins, is on the line. “Hi! We have a few players that need a place to stay until this is over with. Are you willing to house a few of them? You can choose any three players,” he asks. That’s the topic of our community discussion today:

Which three Twins players would you want in quarantine with you?

This can be former, present, or even prospective Twins, living or passed on, famous or little-known. Do you invite Walter Johnson over? Or everyone’s favorite - Joe Mauer? Are you going to let Royce Lewis crash at your place? How about La Tortuga?

As for me, I’d cram these three players into my studio apartment:

  • Terry Mulholland. I think this is pretty obvious for those who know me, or at least the baseball side of me. I’ve had an affinity for Mulholland since he pitched for Minnesota long ago. I even have a baseball card of him, thanks to Jonathan!
  • José Berríos. It’s not as obvious, but I am such a fanboy for La MaKina. My hope is that he’s a good cook, especially of Puerto Rican food. Hopefully Berrios and Mulholland could have share some good stories and have good pitching conversations. On a personal level, I would hope he’d help me progress with my Spanish.
  • Dan Gladden. I don’t know if Terry and Jose are big drinkers, so I’m adding the Dazzle Man to the mix for this. I would need someone to help pick out some decent booze for this quarantine and share some crazy stories. Heck, maybe we’ll prank call the radio crew.

So who are your three Twins players that are crashing at your place? Let us know in the comments!