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Trip into this instant classic Herbie T-Shirt

I don’t care who says what, it was a clean play!

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If I say Kent Hrbek, there is one moment, one play that comes to mind. One of the most iconic moments of Twins history. Admit it, you already know what it is. 1991 World Series. Game two. Metrodome. Braves center fielder Ron Gant hits a liner between Greg Gagne and Scott Leius on the left side of the infield. Dan Gladden’s throw sneaks past Leius and Kevin Tapani relays it to Kent Hrbek at first, forcing Gant to retreat and allowing one of the most iconic plays of all time to happen. That’s right, this play.

And now, our friends at Breaking T have made a T-Shirt for it. They certainly would have if they were around in back in 1991, and with no live sports for the foreseeable future, their “Classic Collection” celebrates some of the best moments from sports history.

As always, their shirts are made of premium materials and printed in the USA. They are also, as usually, officially licensed, this time by the MLB Players Alumni Association. Here is the link to buy one, and here is the link to the rest the collection, if you want to see what else they have.

Kent Hrbek: Pull A Herbie T-shirt for $28