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What would a Twins Edition Monopoly board look like?

Who would be the Boardwalk?

Photo by Mikhail Japaridze\TASS via Getty Images

Playing Monopoly the other night, my mind wandered to what a Twins-edition Monopoly board would look like. I have played a few editions other than the original, and I always enjoy the new (themed) names for the Monopoly streets we know and love. So, which players would make the cut and where would they go on the new board?

The Corners

GO: We’ll keep the classic GO spot for our new edition.

Jail/Just Visiting: The Jail spot will be switched to “Suspended”, while just visiting will stay the same.

Free Parking: Putting an MLB twist on the spot, we’ll rename this spot “Revenue Sharing”

Go to Jail: Sticking to the suspension theme, this will now be “Positive PED Test”

Other Non-Properties

Chance: Dean Chance. Duh.

Community Chest: We’ll rename these spots “Commissioner’s Office”.

Income Tax: Stadium Tax

Luxury Tax: Luxury Tax will remain unchanged.

Railroads and Utilities

For the four railroads and two utilities, I decided to use four of the premier managers from Twins history, as well as two owners for the utilities.

Railroads: Rocco Baldelli, Ron Gardenhire, Tom Kelly, and Sam Mele

Utilities: Calvin Griffith and Carl Pohlad

Tier 1 Properties (Lowest Value)

Mediterranean Avenue: Knoblauch Avenue

Baltic Avenue: Gaetti Avenue

Vermont Avenue: Viola Avenue

Oriental Avenue: Aguilera Avenue

Connecticut Avenue: Kepler Avenue

Tier 2 Properties

St. Charles Place: Smalley Street

States Avenue: Kaat Court

Virginia Avenue: Allison Avenue

St. James Place: Perkins Place

Tennessee Avenue: Milton Avenue

New York Avenue: Nathan Avenue

Tier 3 Properties

The second half of the board has some of the best value properties on the board, as you find some heavy hitters at a price more affordable than of those on the next tier.

Kentucky Avenue: Cruz Circle

Indiana Avenue: Radke Row

Illinois Avenue: Santana Street

Atlantic Avenue: Oliva Street

Ventnor Avenue: Blyleven Boulevard

Marvin Gardens: Morneau Gardens

Premier Properties

Reserved for the most hallowed players in Twins history, the side of the board containing Boardwalk has some heavy hitters. This side of the board also contains two actual streets as well as one pub.

Pacific Avenue: Carew Court

North Carolina Avenue: Hrbek’s Pub

Pennsylvania Avenue: Mauer Avenue

Park Place: Kirby Puckett Place

Boardwalk: Killebrew Drive

Who’s ready to sit down for a few hours and play a game of Twins Monopoly? Did I get the spots right? Is there any glaring omissions? Let me know in the comments!


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