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Fun Quarantine Activity: Name a Twins player for every letter of the alphabet

A fun activity to do while you’re deprived from baseball

Twins stars Kirby Puckett and Jack Morris from the championship team of 1991 ride a pickup truck around the perimeter of the Metrodome, acknowledging the cheers of the crowd during pre-game festivities.

So, I was scrolling Reddit this morning, and I saw this cool trivia game. To play, you have to name a Twins player for every letter of the alphabet. I thought it looked fun, and I think it will be fun to see what you guys come up with.


A: Aguilera


  1. No looking on the internet or anything like that; these have to be original. If you can’t think of something for a certain letter, then leave it blank.
  2. The first thought counts!!! If you write a player’s name down, you can’t delete it. This will make it more fun because it makes for a ton of different responses.
  3. Once you’re done, post your answer in the comments. Please use spoiler tags so that people who haven’t completed it don’t get any ideas.
  4. The player can be past or present, the only qualification is that the player has to have played with the Twins at some point in his career.
  5. Have fun!!!