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A Baseball Mixtape

“Good times never seemed so good (so good)”

Kansas City Royals v Boston Red Sox Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Music has always been a part of baseball. From the pregame National Anthem to Take Me Out To The Ballgame and even just the general sounds of the ballpark (walkup music, organ ditties, etc.), such refrains are commonplace.

As a product of the 1990s, I present to you my ultimate baseball mixtape (okay, for me it would be “mix CD”, but I digress). I can’t say these are all iconic baseball tunes, but simply the ones for me that make me think “baseball”. Maybe they’ll help you get through an outdoor walk or two (or ten) as we await the return of the real thing.

Track 1—“It’s A Beautiful Day For A Ballgame”: I post this on my social media platform of choice every Opening Day. Well, almost every opening day (insert sad emoji here).

Track 2—”The Natural-Prologue”: Perhaps the most iconic orchestral piece ever composed that can conjure up images of baseball glory.

Track 3—”We’re Gonna Win, Twins!”: The classic for Twins fans of all ages.

Track 4—”Did You See Jackie Robinson hit That Ball?”

Apparently in the olden days, jazz tunes were often compiled to honor the greatest boys of summer. Willie Mays has one, as does Joe DiMaggio, but this one for #42 is my favorite.

Track 5—”Tessie”: It does tell a baseball-themed story about old-timey Red Sox fans and their traditions, but the main reason this makes the list is because it’s also the primary song on the MVP 2005 soundtrack— a game I spent endless hours playing as an adolescent.

Track 6—”Talkin’ Twins Baseball”: While the “Willie, Mickey, & The Duke” original is more iconic, I’m obviously partial to the MN version.

Track 7—”The Greatest”

A simple song of baseball and childhood, sung by one of the greatest ballad crooners—Kenny Rogers.

Track 8—”Sweet Caroline”: I don’t exactly know the entire history behind this, but somehow Neil Diamond and this song have become Fenway Park sing-along staples.

Track 9—”Harmon Killebrew”: “Harmon Killebrew, did you ever get my letter? Ten pages of clear, blue sky. Those days are going...going...gone” (chills)

Track 10—”Take Me Out To The Ballgame-Trumpet”: Not to get too morbid, but I want this performed at my funeral. When it was played at Kirby Puckett’s Metrodome memorial in 2006, I utterly lost it.

Bonus Track—”Partyman”

A couple of years back, the Twins used this as their “victory anthem”, combining two of my favorite things: a home-team “W” and the 1989 Batman film. Plus—Prince!