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Mad Libs, Twins edition: Minnesota acquires an outfielder

Make your own story!

Kansas City Royals v Minnesota Twins Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

In these dark times of no baseball, we can only imagine (or simulate) what life would be like if it were “normal”. I, for one, am still struggling with these times as I’m sure many of you are as well. So let’s go crazy (RIP Prince)! I decided to take a post from the past and Mad Lib it up, with a few minor alterations. It’s up to you to fill in the blanks and make it as more interesting as it was already!

What’s a Mad Lib, you ask? It’s where you fill in the blanks of a paragraph or story with what that blank asks for, such as an adjective or noun. An example:

Joe Mauer really enjoys (common noun) and has appeared in many (adjective + common noun) for the (team) during his popularity.

Joe Mauer really enjoys money and has appeared in many funny game shows for the Minnesota Mosquitos during his popularity.

It doesn’t have to make sense and the objective is to make it as crazy and funny as possible!

This one is from a major (not really) mid-season acquisition in 2018. Click here if you’d like to see the original post, written by our former bloglord.

Here is what you will need:

Common noun or person/s:
(the same) Team:
Another Team:
Proper noun:
Triple Slash:
(the first) Team:
(the second) Team:
Adjective + common noun:
Common noun:
Triple slash:
General statistical category:
Former Twin player:
Twins Affiliate:

News broke Thursday afternoon that the Minnesota Twins acquired outfielder (person) from the (team) for (common noun or person/s). If you have no idea who that is, good for you! Also, don’t be worried. Though they’ve spent time playing for the (team) in 2016 and the (another team) in 2017, the (age) has spent most of their time in (proper noun), including all of this year to date.

Speaking of to date, they have hit a combined (triple slash) this year between the Triple-A clubs for the (team) and (another team). Not super inspiring, I know, but they do seem to add some (adjective + common noun) in the outfield or something like that. Who knows, maybe they could become Byron Buxton’s new (common noun)?

Despite their poor numbers so far this year in Triple-A, they did actually hit (adjective) in the majors. Over 155 games, they hit (triple slash) with 14 (general statistical category). That’s pretty much better than (former Twins player) at this point, so give the new Twin/Red Wing a hand.

I’m assuming they will be assigned to (Twins affiliate) and we’ll pretty much never hear about them again.

Try your hand at it and post your results below! If there’s enough interest, I’ll keep posting some Mad Libs every few days.


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