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The inaugural Twinkie Town Baseball Movie Actor Hall of Fame class

The prestigious TTBMAHOF

Photo by Allen Berezovsky/FilmMagic

As I sit on the couch pining for baseball to return, I’ve been watching more baseball movies than usual. Watching baseball movies as a baseball fan, you tend to notice which actors look like they’ve actually played baseball, and which ones don’t. I’ve compiled a class of some of the actors who look like they’re the best at baseball from these movies to be inducted as the inaugural class in the Twinkie Town Baseball Movie Actor Hall of Fame (the TTBMAHOF, for short). Meet our inductees below:

Dennis Haysbert as Pedro Cerrano

Major League

Before the All State guy was the All State guy, he was Pedro Cerrano. While you may get lost in the antics of the rest of the team and Cerrano’s voodoo bits, don’t miss the fact that Haysbert could really swing the bat. Check out this clip for proof of All State’s sweet swing (with a baby Puckett leg kick, to boot).

Dennis Quaid as Jim Morris

The Rookie

Dennis Quaid was very believable in his portrayal of the 35-year-old rookie Jim Morris, who, in real-life, debuted for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 1999. While I wouldn’t say that Quaid’s mechanics make it believable that he could pitch 98 MPH, he doesn’t look awkward out on the mound at all.

Charlie Sheen as Ricky Vaughn

Major League

Sheen was a high school pitcher who was offered a college baseball scholarship prior to becoming an actor, and he could really sling it. He’s got textbook mechanics in his role in this movie, and could throw high 80’s in real life.

Robert Redford as Roy Hobbs

The Natural

Redford playing a baseball player was, well, natural. He had a free and smooth, athletic swing throughout the movie. Just look at this beautiful cut Redford takes at 1:35 in this clip:

The GOAT: Kevin Costner (multiple roles)

The star of Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, and For Love of the Game looks absolutely in his element out on the baseball field. He has insisted on doing all of the baseball scenes in all of his movies, and he really hit some home runs while shooting Bull Durham. On top of that, he’s a jack of all trades:

He can hit righty:

Check out the bomb he hits at 13:08 in this video of the 1998 MLB All-Star Game Hitting Challenge.

He can hit lefty (:50 second mark):

He can even pitch (1:08 point):

For all of these reasons, Kevin Costner will receive the penthouse at the Baseball Movie Actor Hall of Fame.

Who did I miss? Who else should be inducted into the Baseball Movie Actor Hall of Fame? Let me know in the comment section!