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Six Degrees of Bobby Wilson

Lets find some wild connections

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Minnesota Twins Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

You know the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?” Basically, the theory goes you can connect any actor to Kevin Bacon by less than six steps of ___________ was in a movie/show with ___________. We are going to try to play this game with Bobby Wilson?

Why Bobby Wilson? Well, we need a random player who’s traveled around the league a little bit, and he meets that criteria. He spent a little time with the Twins, and his birthday is today. Works well enough for me. You do remember Bobby Wilson, right? He was the back up catcher in the horribly forgettable 2018 season, and we made a bunch of biker jokes about him, and then he got traded for relief pitcher extraordinaire Chris Gimenez. Lets try to connect Bobby to some of the top players in MLB history though.

Bobby Wilson to Bert Blyleven, Gary Gaetti, and the 1987 Twins

Bobby Wilson played with Francisco Rodriguez (2016 Tigers)
Francisco Rodriguez played with Tim Salmon (2002-2006 Angels)
Tim Salmon played with Bert Blyleven and Gary Gaetti (1992 Angels)
Bert Blyleven and Gary Gaetti both played for 1987 Twins

Bobby Wilson to Sandy Koulfax

Bobby Wilson played with Bronson Arroyo (2014 Diamondbacks)
Bronson Arroyo played with John Burkett (2003 Red Sox)
John Burkett played with Gary Carter (1990 Giants)
Gary Carter played with Willie Davis (1974 Expos)
Willie Davis played with Sandy Koulfax (1960-1966 Dodgers)

Bobby Wilson to Jackie Robinson

Bobby Wilson played with Vladimir Guerrero (2008-2009 Angels)
Vladimir Guerrero played with Dave Leiper (1996 Expos)
Dave Leiper played with Goose Gossage (1987 Padres)
Goose Gossage played with Moe Drabowsky (1972 White Sox)
Moe Drabowsky played with Don Zimmer (1962 Reds)
Don Zimmer played with Jackie Robinson (1954-1956 Dodgers)

Bobby Wilson to Tommy John (and the 1991 Twins)

Bobby Wilson played with Fernando Rodney (2018 Twins)
Fernando Rodney played with Jose Molina (2012-2013 Rays)
Jose Molina played with Kevin Tapani (1999 Cubs)
Kevin Tapani played with Chili Davis (1991 Twins)
Chili Davis played with Doyle Alexander (1981 Giants) [this is an alternate route to Blyleven via the 1977 Rangers]
Doyle Alexander played with Tommy John (1982 Yankees)

Bobby Wilson to Reggie Jackson

Bobby Wilson played with Joe Mauer (2018 Twins)
Joe Mauer played with Terry Mulholland (2004-2005 Twins)
Terry Mulholland played with Tommy Herr (1989-1990 Phillies)
Tommy Herr played with Darold Knowles (1979 Cardinals)
Darold Knowles played with Reggie Jackson (1971-1974 Athletics)

Bobby Wilson to Hank Aaron

Bobby Wilson played with Torii Hunter (2008-2012 Angels)
Torii Hunter played with Paul Molitor (1997 Twins)
Paul Molitor played with Ray Fosse (1979 Brewers)
Ray Fosse played with Bobby Tiefenauer (1967 Cleveland)
Bobby Tiefenauer played with Hank Aaron (1963-1964 Milwaukee Braves)

Bobby Wilson to Roberto Clemente

Bobby Wilson played with Edwin Jackson (2019 Tigers)
Edwin Jackson played with Fred McGriff (2003 Dodgers)
Fred McGriff played with John Candelaria (1990 Blue Jays)
John Candelaria played with Willie Stargell (1975-1982 Pirates)
Willie Stargell played with Roberto Clemente (1962-1972 Pirates)

Bobby Wilson to Al Kaline

Bobby Wilson played with Adrian Beltre (2015-2016 Rangers)
Adrian Beltre played with Jamie Moyer (2005-2006 Mariners)
Jamie Moyer played with Dennis Eckersley (1986 Cubs)
Dennis Eckersley played with Carl Yastrzemski (1978-1983 Red Sox)
Carl Yastrzemski played with Vic Wertz (1961 Red Sox)
Vic Wertz played with Al Kaline (1961-1963 Tigers)

Bobby Wilson to Gene Mauch (did you know he’s Roy Smalley’s uncle?)

Bobby Wilson played with Brandon McCarthy (2014 Diamondbacks)
Brandon McCarthy played with Frank Thomas (2005 White Sox)
Frank Thomas played with Carlton Fisk (1990-1993 White Sox)
Carlton Fisk played with Dick Schofield (1969 Red Sox)
Dick Schofield played with Walker Cooper (1956-1957 Cardinals)
Walker Cooper played with Gene Mauch (1950-1951 Boston Braves)

Bobby Wilson to Harmon Killebrew, Zoillo Versailles, Bob Allison, Tony Oliva, Jim Kaat, Rod Carew and most of the other early Twins heroes

Bobby Wilson played with LaTroy Hawkins (2012 Angels)
LaTroy Hawkins played with Steve Finley (2007 Rockies)
Steve Finley played with Denny Walling (1992 Astros)
Denny Walling played with Jim Perry (1975 Athletics)
Jim Perry played for the Twins from 1963 to 1972, with all of the guys mentioned above and a bunch more.

What connections can you find?