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A Mother’s Day poem

Since the Minnesota Twins will not have baseball this year for Mother’s Day, here is a poem about it instead. I wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day for 2020!

Mother’s Day

Throughout the years

This has been more than a game



A field for everyone.

Just like a walk off single in the ninth

The single mothers

Have no choice but to do right

Because their babies

Have no one else

Just like pitchers back in the day

There is no rest.

In a field of dreams

Who is there to believe?

The young boy playing T-Ball

Needs that someone

He knows who really cares

Just like a batter’s focus

He is fully aware.

Baseball is an escape

From reality

It is something

That can be there

When no one else is

Just like the mother

When no one else would step up

And show love.

Happy Mother’s Day

To every woman

Who does it every day

When no one is looking

Just like the hardworking player

The long hours do not seem appreciated

But they are.

This is a field

For the lonely

The kids

The misfits

And the mothers

Who make it happen

Just like the Twins in 87’ and 91’.