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Blue Wahoos Stadium turned into disc golf course

This isn’t satire. No, really - this is not satire.

(CW) FE18GUIDE11— The Badlands course in Federal Heights hosted the 6th Annual Denver Classic Disc Golf Tournament. RJ Sangosti/ The Denver Post Photo By RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post via Getty Images

It takes some thinking outside the box to get people in the door. So why not turn a baseball stadium into a disc golf course? That is what’s happening at Blue Wahoos Stadium, the home of the Minnesota Twins Double-A affiliate in Pensacola, Florida.

Pro-golfer Bubba Watson, who is from the Pensacola area and is a co-owner of the Blue Wahoos, designed a disc golf course out of the home stadium called Bubba Watson’s Diamond Disc Golf Challenge. It’s believed to be the first disc golf course inside of a professional stadium and it will be open to families this weekend for $5 per round. Families can bring their own discs or purchase a set of three discs for $25 that they can keep. Discounts are available for younger children as well as medical professionals.

You may be asking, “What is a disc golf?” It’s similar to golf, where a player will start by throwing a disc or frisbee from a designated starting point with the main objective to get it to land at a target. The player goes to where the disc lands and continues to try to make the target, which is usually a large wire basket with hanging chains from a pole.

The course that Watson designed is a nine-hole course, ending with the final target being at home plate. The idea is to get families out and about in a safe atmosphere. Plus, who doesn’t want to walk onto a professional baseball field?