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Mad hits like Rod Carew: A T-Shirt celebrating the 1977 MVP

You have to wear a shirt. It should be this one.

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In 1994, the Beastie Boys Sure Shot name-dropped Twins legend Rod Carew. The latest T-Shirt from our friends at Breaking T combine the lyrics of the legendary musicians with an image of the hitter they reference, and the phrase “‘77 MVP.” If you’re a Twins fan of a certain age, this is the shirt you didn’t know you needed.

Of course, the 1977 MVP campaign saw Carew hit .388/.449/.570 and lead all of major league baseball in the first two categories. At the time, it was the closest anyone had come to .400 since Ted Williams hit .406 in 1941. He played in 155 games, primarily as a contact-hitting first baseman.

The shirt features Carew’s iconic batting stance and the powder blue uniforms. As usual with Breaking T, its made of premium materials and screen printed in the USA. This is also a part of their Classic Collection, which also features a Kent Hrbek shirt. It’s licensed by the MLBPAA, and lets be honest. $28 for licensed sports gear is a steal.