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Discussion: Who is your least favorite opposing player ever?

Who have you loved to hate?

White Sox v Yankees Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I know that we all have our personal villains. Whether it be for attitude, performance against our favorite team, or any number of other things, we all have had opposing players that we absolutely could not stand. Sports fans love to hate.

For me, Yankees-era Alex Rodriguez takes the cake. As a young kid just really growing into baseball fandom, I hated the Twins-killing Yankees, and Rodriguez the most. The huge contract, the steroids allegations, and above all, we could not beat them. I hollered and boo’d from the stands when Rodriguez came to the plate more than one time in the old Metrodome. While I’ve come around on him a bit in recent years, I definitely have never hated another baseball player more.

I know that for many, Chuck Knoblauch or A.J. Pierzynski may come to mind. Perhaps Edwin Encarnacion or Didi Gregorious, two more recent players who absolutely dominate the Twins? While David Ortiz certainly has ill will towards the Twins, I don’t know if I’ve come across a Twins fan that feels the same way about him. Do you?

Who have you loved to hate? Who is your least favorite opposing player of all time, and why? (“They played for the Yankees” is a valid answer)