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Discussion: What’s your favorite pre-game spot near Target Field?

Where do you like to grab a bite/drink before the game?

Photo by Aaron Lavinsky/Star Tribune via Getty Images

As Minnesota begins gradually opening restaurants and bars back up, this seemed like a relevant topic for our Friday discussion. When you’re about to catch a game at Target Field, what’s your favorite spot to grab a bite or a drink before the game?

My favorite spot has to be the downtown Cowboy Jack’s. It’s a very short walk to the park, I like the vibe of the place, the rooftop is giant and awesome, and they have a killer deal on wings. Basically whenever I’m heading to Target Field, I’m hitting Cowboy Jack’s before the game.

However, I’m rather new to the actual “bar scene”, having turned 21 in October. Therefore, I’m sure there are still some other great spots down by Target Field that I haven’t heard about yet. On the minuscule chance that there are some baseball games with spectators this year, I’d love to do some exploring. I’d love some suggestions! What are your favorite spots to grab a bite or a drink prior to taking in a Twins game at Target Field?