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Pensacola Blue Wahoos place stadium on AirBnB

In today’s issue of “satire or quarantine?”:

Montgomery Biscuits v Pensacola Blue Wahoos
“Take me out to the ballgame,” only there’s no ballgame and not many other people there.
Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

The below is an actual listing on AirBnB:

Welcome to the ULTIMATE baseball experience!

For the first time ever, a professional baseball stadium is available for rent on AirBnB, giving fans the most intimate, behind-the-scenes ballpark experience in history. Whether you’d like to host an unforgettable overnight trip with your youth league team, throw an unbeatable birthday bash, stage a corporate retreat that will make you an office hero, or spend your bachelor party living your sports dream, Blue Wahoos Stadium is the ultimate rental.

With a lack of baseball going on, the Twins’ Double-A affiliate has elected to keep their stadium in use by allowing members of the public to stay there.

As first announced by Front Office Sports, the Pensacola Blue Wahoos have placed Blue Wahoos Stadium on AirBnB, offering the use of their stadium for up to 10 guests per night at a cost of $1,500. And by “use of their stadium,” they mean “the entire stadium”... mostly.

Guests will have access to a 10-bed bedroom, the clubhouse, the batting cage, and the field, with many of the same activities available to players, including batting practice.

I repeat: this is an actual listing on AirBnB.

I did catch a couple of hiccups when reading through the full listing. For one, despite the opportunities suggested in the introduction, the House Rules section includes “no parties or events.” Perhaps that was just worded poorly. But the stadium does not offer a kitchen as part of this package, and as stated in the listing, “add on’s [sic] to your experience including food and beverage packages, merchandise and additional experiences are available for an additional charge” (emphasis mine). Apparently, the extraneous apostrophe comes gratis.

Given the current travel restrictions, plus my current residence being approximately twenty hours away by car, I’ll be passing on the $1,500 price tag for now. But this certainly looks like a fun opportunity for those with the friends to join in and the willingness to pay for it. Well done, minor league club, for coming up with something new.

It’s clear the Blue Wahoos are making the most of quarantine and providing a unique (and pricey) experience to guests. Perhaps it’s a Florida thing.