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Twins commit to paying minor-league players through August, bucking league-wide trend

Our favorite franchise is a good franchise.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

If you wanted some good news at the end of a long and dark week, you’ve clicked on the correct article. Many teams in Major League Baseball have been releasing minor-league players en masse this week with the intention of saving money. Some teams have made standard releases as well. However, one team has stated that they will not be making any such cuts.

The Minnesota Twins have announced that they are keeping their minor-league rosters intact through August. This means that - unless a minor-league season starts, in which the organization would have to adhere to roster limits - the Twins will continue to pay their minor league players the $400-per-week stipend. $400 is not a lot, but many teams are cutting minor league players in bulk this week to supposedly save money.

In addition, the organization has announced that they are keeping all staff members on board and paid through the end of June. Some reports have said that their scouting department has been going through some new trainings to improve on their scouting skills. Based on this, it sounds like the Twins are using their time wisely during unprecedented times.

This speaks volumes to the Pohlads and the organization, who have been consistently called out as “pocket protectors” over many years. Compared to many teams who have reportedly cut as many as five dozen players along with laying off staff, the Twins have taken the high ground so far during these times. It’s fair to note that the Kansas City Royals club will be joining the Twins in taking this route as well.