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Paying Minor Leaguers Will Have Long Term Benefits for the Twins

The Twins organization remains one of the best

Minnesota Twins v Boston Red Sox Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

However you feel about the Minnesota Twins owners, everyone should be happy with the decision to continue to pay minor league players through August. It was announced by Jeff Passan of ESPN that the Minnesota Twins will pay minor league players $400 per week through August. Along with this, the Twins will also not be releasing any minor leaguers as of right now. This comes after the Oakland Athletics and announced the pay for minor leaguers would be stopped and other organizations cut 30-40 players.

The decision to keep and pay all the players is not only moral, it will also be beneficial for the organization for years to come. There are many young players who are now free agents and when teams approach them to sign a contract, you can bet the players will be looking at how the rest of the minor league players were treated within the organization during these times. Right now if the Twins and Athletics were fighting for a minor league free agent, who do you think the player would choose? Most likely the team that pays their employees.

This does not only apply for minor league free agents as it will also apply to major league free agents and front office staff, coaches, and scouts looking for jobs. When you’re looking for a long term home, you will probably pick the place that has proven they intend to treat their employees as family. This isn’t saying some teams will be unable to hire, as there are always people looking for a job but if the best person for a position has options, the Twins are very attractive.

It is a great time to be a Minnesota Twins fan. Not only is the product on the field poised to be excellent for years to come, but everything handled off the field has been great. The Twins have become a leader that other teams hope to follow.