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FSN announces Twins Classics schedule for May

Another slate of memorable Twins victories to whet your baseball appetite.

Kansas City Royals v Minnesota Twins Photo by Genevieve Ross/Getty Images

This morning, FSN announced another month’s worth of Twins Classics games, with memorable baseball happening almost nightly all throughout May.

The bulk of the schedule focuses on the 1987 playoff run, featuring the first and last games of the ALCS against Detroit, and followed by all four victories of that year’s World Series. That “arc,” if you will, runs from May 12th-19th.

Other big hitters include:

  • May 5th: Dozier walks off the Tigers after a 7-run ninth (June 10th, 2015)
  • May 8th: Johan Santana strikes out a team-record 17 hitters (August 19th, 2007)
  • May 11th: 2002 ALDS Game 5: The Twins’ last playoff series win (October 6th, 2002)
  • May 29th: Game 1 of the 1965 World Series (October 6th, 1965)

There’s also some bonus material coming our way — tonight, the action begins with a replay of Game 163 against the Tigers. Before the game, former players Michael Cuddyer, Carlos Gomez, Joe Nathan, and Nick Punto will have an exclusive reminscing roundtable.

Similarly, on May 8th, a never-before-seen conversation with members of the 2002 band will hit the airwaves.

Altogether, 16 games will play this month, starting tonight at 7:00 pm Central. Once again, the full slate of games is available on the FSN website.

Which classic game are you most looking forward to this month?