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Some of the Twins will be starting Spring Training 2.0 in quarantine

SNELLVILLE, GA - JUNE 21- A baseball field is seen at South Gwi Photo by Elijah Nouvelage for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Major League Baseball announced on Monday night that they would be imposing the 2020 season, despite the lack of an agreement between owners and the MLBPA. Once players agreed to the sixty game schedule and coronavirus safety protocols proposed by MLB, it was stated that the season will finally be starting sometime around July 24th and that players should be reporting to their training camps on July 1st. Hooray!

<Cue the record scratch>

Since the announcement of the forthcoming season, however, multiple teams have been announcing that they’ve had players and staff testing positive for coronavirus. Today, Twins president Derek Falvey announced the were among the teams with positive tests. Falvey told reporters via video conference that “a few” players have tested positive for COVID-19 during testing over recent days. He also says that none of those positive tests were located in Minneapolis or Fort Myers at their Spring Training facility.

Falvey did not say how many players tested positive, nor did he name any names, but he did say that at least one of these guys is a member of the 60-man roster that were to report to Target Field for training camp on Wednesday. He also said that more than one of these positive results came from players that were not exhibiting any symptoms but had recently been in contact with others who had tested positive. The players who tested positive will have to remain under quarantine, and will not be able join the team until they pass MLB health protocols, which require two negative tests. (So we’ll probably be able to figure out who the players are once they’re not at camp on Wednesday.)

Falvey also said that at this time, the team has no knowledge of any non-playing staff members have tested positive. Twins fans are hoping that no further positive tests come up and that the guidelines that MLB has put in place for player/staff health and safety do their jobs. This leads one to question whether MLB will actually get a full season in, or if it will get to start at all as cases keep cropping up all over the country.

Marea is a contributor to TwinkieTown along with running Moonshots & Mustard.