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Discussion: Would you consider a World Series title this year to be legitimate?

Ya know, even if it’s not the Twins

World Series 2019 champion Washington Nationals parade Photo by Katherine Frey/The Washington Post via Getty Images

While the MLB has experienced a shortened season as recently as 1995, the season that is currently in motion for 2020 is of an unprecedented short length. A 60-game sprint, followed by an expanded playoff, will (barring setbacks) crown a league champion this October. The question I have for you this Friday: will the Commissioner’s Trophy mean anything this year?

The argument against 2020 being a legitimate title is simple: the regular season will be like nothing the MLB has ever seen. A 7-game losing streak, usually not a big deal in the 162-game marathon, in a 60-game season is equivalent to a 19-game slide over 162 games. Every game will count, and the abbreviated schedule also means that there will be a very small amount of teams faced for each squad. Will this result in some fluky playoff teams? Possibly. Will it result in some teams that would have made the playoffs being left out? With the expanded format, I doubt it, although it is possible.

However, I’m leaning towards the other side of the argument. Considering the likelihood that all the real title contenders will still make the playoffs, the fact that the playoffs are basically a crapshoot in an average season, and the reality that the playoffs are not set to be abbreviated (and thus more random), I would say that the 2020 title would be a legitimate championship, no asterisk needed.

Where do you fall on this debate? Why? Let us know in the comment section!


Would a 2020 World Series title be legitimate?

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