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Fans hate the sixty game season, and most think we won’t get all sixty anyway

Oh, and even more fans hate Rob Manfred

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Pre-season training L&D Amsterdam Pirates baseball club Photo by Henk Seppen/BSR Agency/Getty Images

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Despite owners and players finally agreeing to a deal that will start the 2020 MLB season, fans are clearly unhappy.

The 2020 season will only last 60 games before the start of playoffs. However, less than half of fans who responded to SB Nation’s MLB Reacts survey felt satisfied with a season that short. For Twins fans, the shortened season might feel especially unfair—this was supposed to be a great year for our team. One plus, however, is that we might get a full season of Byron Buxton and Rich Hill. Still, for fans nationwide, the 60-game season is unpopular.

Even worse, 59 percent of fans don’t think the league will be able to finish the season, due to rising COVID-19 cases. Texas and Florida, in fact, just rolled back some of their business openings—two states that are home to four (or maybe five, if the Blue Jays stay in Dunedin) MLB teams. The most troubling number is just over 50 percent of MLB fans think playing the 2020 season is a good idea at all.

Unfortunately for Rob Manfred and MLB owners, fans are putting the blame squarely on the league.

Negotiations had dragged out for months while other leagues announced plans to return. The results are more than two-thirds of fans blaming ownership. Earlier polls had the two sides sharing blame, but the players’ clever “When and Where” campaign swayed opinion in their favor. Things are especially dire for commissioner Manfred. Nearly 70 percent of baseball fans said Manfred is the worst commissioner in professional sports.

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