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Kernels announce staff layoffs

Half of the front office staff is now out of a job.

7/12/02- Cedar Rapids, IA - Following the game betwen the Cedar Rapids Kernels and the Burlington Bees, grounds keeper Jesse Rorder sweeps out the visitors dugout at the new Veteran’s Memorial Stadium, a new stadium in use for the first time this season.

As it has been reported consistently throughout the past two weeks, many Major League Baseball clubs are releasing in masses to apparently save money. Some organizations are also furloughing or laying off many of their front office and supporting workers, also to apparently save money, as the outlook of an MLB season sours every day. Unfortunately, these types of layoffs have been happening in the minors as well.

The Cedar Rapids Kernels, the Single-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, announced earlier this week that they have laid off half of their front office staff. With no season for any minor-league teams right now, there is no way to pay a lot of staff, which is the reason behind this move for the Kernels organization.

The Cedar Rapids Kernels regrettingly announce that half of our front office staff was laid off today. This was a very difficult decision, but with the Kernels season postponed indefinitely, we had no choice. The majority of the organization’s revenues come from Kernels games and fans in the stands. With the potential of going 18 months between Kernels games, we must reduce all costs including payroll expense. I thank our staff for all of their efforts and dedication to the organization and hope to work with them again during the 2021 season.

CEO Doug Nelson, Cedar Rapids Ball Club

This move is not surprising as it appears that any semblance of a 2020 minor-league season is essentially gone. Most minor-league regular seasons wrap up in late August and playoffs run into early September. With how the MLB-MiLB relationship is right now, it would not be surprising to see the minor-league season cancelled.