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Iowa things that shocked Brent Rooker

Besides the amount of corn

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ed note: This post originally ran July 1, 2020, but as Rooker just made the arduous trek from St Paul to Minneapolis, lets bring it back.

Brent Rooker, as a fairly well-regarded Twins prospect, will be joining the sixty-man squad in the Twin Cities. The other day, he drove through Iowa, and was shocked by the amount of corn.

Here are some other things in Iowa that probably mystified the young slugger, who was born, raised, went to college, and spent the majority of his professional career in the south (and the rest in the northeast.)

  • Why does every little town have this “Caseys’” place, and what do you mean they put eggs on pizza?
  • These people sure are friendly, but do they all have to wave at me when we pass on the road?
  • Why is there literally nothing but deep-fried food on this restaurant menu?
  • Wait—Is it soda? Pop? Coke? What the hell should I order?
  • Oh look, another town that’s home to a wrestling state champion
  • And they really have championships for Ag? And put up signs for that, too?
  • Huh, is that really the world’s biggest truck stop?
  • It’s really really big, it probably is.
  • Town population: 300. High school football field capacity: 800, and sold out.
  • Hardware store, bar, gas station, church... annnddd... town’s over, here’s more corn
  • Huh, the Lutheran fish fry on Friday night is cancelled.
  • Damn, that truck has big tires.