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Think you’re good at baseball trivia? Join a competition from NAQT

Are you smarter than a site manager?

Minnesota Twins v Chicago Cubs Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

Do you want to know an utterly shocking fact about me? I was a giant nerd in middle- and high school. Okay, that shocked absolutely no one. But one part of being a big nerd, was playing in Quiz Bowl competitions. Now NAQT, the folks who are pretty much the national authority on that high level of trivia, have introduced a baseball quiz you can participate in.

Due to the current events precluding in-person competitions, NAQT developed a platform called “Buzzword” that brings the format online. They offer an “open” class for those of us without school affiliation, and also offer middle school, high school, and collegiate classes you can compete in, if you attend any of those institutions.

Right now, I’m ranked #65 in the open class, and only got 36 of the 50 questions right. Someone already has a perfect score, but scoring isn’t just based on right answers—how fast you answer is also a factor. There are multiple clues in each question, arranged from most difficult to easiest.

If you think this sounds like fun, here is a sample quiz to give you a taste. After that, if you would like to participate, it costs $5 to register, and takes about 25 minutes to get through the whole thing. You’ll just need to register an account at and then register for the “Pro Baseball Special.”

I’m not going to spoil anything as far as content, but if you know your Twins history, you’ll be well on your way to a decent score. The folks behind this include a number from the Twin Cities, and the Twins are more represented than your usual “national” coverage that seems to forget they exist.