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Bomba’s Back, Alright!

Everybooodyyyy... The 2020 Twins are bringing the bombs and Breaking T is bringing the fire

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Return of the Mack, Return of the Jedi, Return of the King... Return of the Bombas!

After merely one series in 2020, it is already apparent that the Bomba Squad is back and better than ever. It only took one pitch for Max Kepler to announce the arrival of a new and improved Bomba Squad, and not much longer for our friends at Breaking T to come up with a new shirt design for the new season.

Much like the Twins’ newest uniform, this new selection from Breaking T comes in a gorgeous powder blue. Like Nelson Cruz (and his powerful demonstration on Sunday), the Bomba Squad is a year older but has only gotten better, as has the hottest Twins t-shirt money can buy. Rep the new squad with our old favorites as well as their newest member, Josh Donaldson, by purchasing Breaking T’s newest and best. You can find the shirt here.