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Five Cardinals questions for Viva El Birdos

Get to know our next opponent a bit better!

MLB: JUL 26 Pirates at Cardinals

We don’t get to talk to our friends with the SBNation Cardinals site Viva El Birdos enough. Since the Cardinals are a team we’re a little less familiar with, it seemed appropriate to reach out and learn a bit more. Josey Curtis, my counterpart over there, was kind enough to answer a few questions for me at the last minute.

Twinkie Town: The Cardinals are known for being a pitching-and-defense team. Do you think this is fair, or how would you describe their approach?

Viva El Birdos: Pitching & defense for sure, but this team has a good mix of young players & veterans that can hit the long ball.

TT: Assuming we get the full 60-game season, how do you think the Cards will finish? Will the NL-Central be a race to the finish again?

VEB: I think the Cardinals will finish on top of the NL Central, but it won’t be an easy task. Milwaukee can be tough, and you can’t forget the new-look Reds either.

TT: What player(s) that most people might now know about are going to be a big factor in this series?

VEB: Paul DeJong & Tyler O’Neill have hit the ball well to open the season, and new closer Kwang Hyun Kim will likely make an appearance this week.

TT: Who do you think takes the series, and why?

VEB: I bet the two teams split. I think Cardinals may get the best of Bailey this evening and could have some trouble with the lefty Hill on Wednesday.

TT: Anything else you want Twins fans to know about the Cardinals?

VEB: This team may look a little different than it did last time these teams met up, but this is a pitching-rich team that doesn’t give any free outs in the field.

Thanks again to Josey for being a good sport and answering so quickly, I entirely forgot to reach out this weekend! You can find her on twitter at @Curtis_Josey.